Hypnotherapy is a combination of hypnosis and therapeutic intervention and can be a highly effective form of treatment plan. With the help of the therapist you are led to a positive change while in a deep relaxed state. During this time you are deeply relaxed in a state of heightened suggestibility called a  trance.

Hypnosis is effective in dealing with the following sets of issues:

  • Phobia
  • Weight Loss
  • Quitting Smoking
  • Stress management
  • Sleep

Facts about Hypnosis:

  • No one can be hypnotized against their will.
  • You must be a willing subject.
  • Your hypnotist must have your full cooperation.
  • Hypnosis is a collaborative and cooperative working relationship.
  • When a person is in hypnosis, he or she is relaxed and aware of his or her surroundings.
  • He or she hears the sound of the hypnotist’s voice and will remember more or less of what the hypnotist says.
  • The hypnotized subject or patient is relaxed, comfortable, focused, and in a state of thinking, similar to that of daydreams. The person's analyzing, thinking mind (conscious mind) is turned off and his or her feeling and intuitive, creative mind (subconscious mind) is turned on.
  • One cannot be made to do anything he or she is not willing to do.
  • The person hypnotized is not asleep.